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    Perfect Posture Yoga is a unique combination of Hatha yoga and complementary exercises created by former dancer Sally Stryker Stotts. The outside-in process of PPY helps you find and build alignment through poses and exercises emphasizing breath, serenity, balance, stretch and strength.


    As a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and former professional dancer, Sally brings a wealth of information about the body to her students. Her vivacious personality makes for a fun and relaxed yoga session. She teaches in the Hamptons, New York City, and online


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    Hamptons Yoga Teacher Sally Stryker


  • Hamptons Yoga Teacher Sally Stryker Private Yoga Classes Instruction

    Sally Stryker

    I love yoga because we learn to leave our egos with our shoes at the door. I don't believe the body should ever be pushed or coerced into achieving a pose. Instead, slow, patient and sincere efforts will bring us safely to greater flexibility and strength.


    Posture is where it all begins, but unfortunately, most people have no idea how to achieve proper posture. It is my goal to provide students with a greater awareness of their bodies so they can recreate the alignment for themselves.



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    The Ballowood

    A wooden spiky ball that is great for your feet and hands. A perfectly simple tool for working with fascia and relieving tension. Comes with a booklet of instructions, Reflexology chart and links to YouTube videos. Imported from India. Handmade - variations in color and shape are part of their charm.
    Approx 2" sphere.
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